Events of Interest

Parents Week - one week set aside mid-year enabling parents to observe class.

Bring a Friend - one week in the fall for students to share their dancing with a friend.

National Dance Week - our studio joins the nation in celebrating the art of Dance.

Student Concerts - held in June and August to highlight our students' accomplishments. 


The Ballet Project

The Ballet Project is a five week classical ballet program for the serious minded dancer.  A more intesive schedule allows dancers to become stronger technically under the watchful eye of a highly qualified faculty with local, regional, national, and international affiliations.   After audition and placement students will benifit from a program tailored to the individual while advancing with other dancers of similar skill and level.  Dancers ages 12 through 21 will be accepted each season for quality training.  Dancers ages 9 through 12 are eligible for our trainee program.  Technique and repetory classes are offered in classical ballet, pointe, modern, core exercise, principles of production, and character dance.  Special seminars and projects are offered throughout the schedule. 

The Tap Project
The Tap Project is here for the tap dance lover in you.  Learn technique, repertory, and performance skills in a two week intensive program.  Our program ends with an informal studio showing in a coffee house setting.  Professional and student choreographers will be featured in the final showing.